Zinc Plated Galvanised Rubber Lined 'P' Clips

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Reinforced W1 Zinc Plated / Galvanised Rubber Lined P Clips - Top quality

Top Quality Zinc Plated Rubber Lined 'P' Clips - 10 Clips

Made from high quality materials offering you reliability and good value for money

Material: Galvanised (Zinc) W1

Width: 12mm mit reinforced mounting plate

Rubber sheath: Temperature limits -30°C - +100°C, Resistant to Petrol, Diesel, Oil and Grease.

Provide excellent vibration damping for hoses, cables, wiring looms. Extensively used in Motorsport, Farm Machinery, Boats / Ships etc.

Goods supplied in bag: 10 P Clips - without screws or nuts

Size Chart - All

Width - 12mm

Band Thickness - 0.6mm

Mounting Hole Diameter - 5.2mm (M5)